Deputies arrest one adult, two juveniles, on larceny crimes

FARMVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Deputies on patrol arrest three people, including two juveniles, accused of larceny and other crimes.

At about 3:00 Sunday morning, a deputy noticed three people near the Road Runner Grill in Farmville and a vehicle with no license plate.  The deputy questioned the three about the vehicle but was called to another incident.  When he went back to the scene, the vehicle was gone.  Another deputy found the vehicle and stopped the suspects, but they ran away.

Deputies later caught up with Stephen Woods, 25.  He is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, attempted breaking and entering, possession of a stolen vehicle and larceny-related charges.

The other two suspects were found hiding under a house on Bell Arthur Road after reports they were trying to steal four-wheelers off a porch.  Juvenile services is handling their arrests.

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