Deputies: Armed home intruders at large after assaulting Pitt County man

Deputies: Armed home intruders at large after assaulting Pitt County man

BELL ARTHUR, PITT COUNTY - Deputies said they are searching for three home intruders who seriously injured a Pitt County resident before robbing the victim.

According to the Pitt County Sheriff's Office, the home invasion happened at about 10 p.m. Sunday on the 2700 block of Bruce Strickland Road in Bell Arthur, about 10 miles west of Greenville. They identified the victim as 53-year-old Grant Ellis Beacom.

Beacom told NewsChannel 12 he was sitting on his couch when he heard a knock. He said when he went up to see who was at the front door, the three suspects-- a man and two women-- forced themselves inside.

Beacom said one of the intruders then hit him on the face with the butt of a gun, knocking him out briefly. After he hit the ground, the intruders continued to assault him, Beacom said.

One of the suspects, described as a large woman, then sat on Beacom to restrain him, said the victim. The three intruders later tied Beacom's hands behind his back, before stealing his TV, wallet, cell phone and shot gun, according to deputies.

Beacom said he was eventually able to make his way to his kitchen, where he grabbed a knife and untied himself.

The victim went to a hospital to get treated for a fractured skull and black eye. He said he received 20 stitches.

Beacom told NewsChannel 12 he had never seen the three suspects before. Anyone with information is asked to call the Pitt County Sheriff's Office at 252-830-4141.

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