Deputies: 85-year-old man spent days in woods, found alive

Deputies: 85-year-old man spent days in woods, found alive (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

ARAPAHOE, PAMLICO COUNTY - A missing elderly man in Pamlico County spent days in the woods before he was found alive, investigators told NewsChannel 12.

According to authorities, 85-year-old Leo Webb, of Arapahoe, was discovered at about 10 a.m. Tuesday in the woods near his home on Bennett Neck Road. Webb was last heard from on Sunday.

Betty Armstrong was part of the search party that found Webb Tuesday morning.  They found him face down in the dirt, approximately 300 yards from his home.

"I immediately started scooping the dirt out of his nose and his mouth," Armstrong said.

Armstrong believes that Webb spent approximately 40 hours in the woods.  He did not have any food or water and was wearing only jogging pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

Webb told Armstrong that he was grilling Sunday night, and went to retrieve something from his on-property garden.  He became disoriented and fell; he could not get back up.

A man searching with Armstrong Tuesday morning heard Webb's moans just before finding him.

"[I] was just so happy that we found him," Armstrong said.

Webb does not suffer from any apparent cognitive impairments, Armstrong said.

Webb was taken to Carolina East Medical Center, where he remains in stable condition, a hospital spokesperson said.

Searchers also looked for Webb Monday, after a friend couldn't find Webb at his home.  They were not able to find him, due to rain and wind, authorities said.

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