Deputies: 39 vehicles vandalized in the New Bern Airport parking lot

Deputies: 39 vehicles vandalized in the New Bern Airport parking lot

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - The Craven County Sheriff's Department is investigating multiple car break-ins at the New Bern Airport.

Deputies said vandals struck at Coastal Carolina Regional Airport on Sunday, April 7th, and damaged 39 vehicles.

Investigators said the window above an employee entrance to the main terminal building was also shattered.

The damage to the cars consisted of broken windows, dented doors and side mirrors in the short and long term parking areas.

Investigators said the vandalism was done with rocks found in the parking lot and a metal tripod.

Deputies believe the break-ins happened between midnight and 7 a.m.

Christopher Clark from New Bern was getting back from a two week vacation in Puerto Rico when he discovered the damage.

"As I was bringing my luggage across the parkway, I noticed a lot of rattling and a lot of broken glass, and as I approached my car the whole back window was smashed out," said Clark.

He said he was happy to see airport employees had covered his window with a trash bag, but said he doesn't plan on using long term parking in the future.

"As soon as I saw the window smashed I walked back into the airport, they kind of anticipated it and said oh by the way this is your police report. Apparently they had to file on  every car," he said. 

Clark said he is thankful that nothing was taking from his car.

Investigators said they discovered the same shoe impression in the rental car parking lot, as on the front bumper of a damaged vehicle.

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