Deputies say an Maysville man hit a man's van then nearly ran the victim over.

John Hutchins Collins, 27, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, which in this case was Collins' Nissan Frontier pick-up truck, said depuites.

He is also charged with felony hit and run which resulted in property damage.

Swansboro police said the incident happened around 5:45pm Thursday at the Swansboro Yacht Club.

Collins was driving while intoxicated and hit a van, said Police.

Police say the victim got out of the van and tried to stop Collins, when Collins nearly ran the man over and fled the scene.

The van's owner called the Carteret County Sheriff's Office and gave a description of Collin's vehicle.

A BOLO alert was sent out, and a Carteret County Deputy stopped Collins.

Collin's was taken to the Carteret County Jail and later posted a $3,000 bond.

Carteret County is also charging Collins with driving while impaired and failure to provide vehicle registration.