The Department of Transportation for Craven and Pamlico counties is investing twenty-four hours in road preparations in anticipation of the wintery mix.

County Maintenance Engineer Gordy Eure says the department has been treating the roads with a salt liquid solution. This liquid solution, which contains about a quarter percent of salt, will reduce the amount of ice that will freeze on the roads.

Although the DOT has been busy at work preparing the roads with this liquid solution, officials say the best solution for road safety is for people to stay off them.

Eure says the DOT's job is to first pre-treat the roads in preparation of the wintery downfall, and then to clean the roads off completely.

Once the snow is done falling, the DOT plans to treat the roads with salt to help defrost them. Then the DOT plans to plow them with their trucks.

Although officials say the safest thing to do is stay off the roads, Eure knows that everyone won't take his advice.

If you must drive, he says drive slow.

"It's unreasonable to think you're going to be able to drive 55 mph when there's snow and ice on the ground especially on those bridges," Eure said.

Bridges ice faster than roads do and when Eastern Carolina saw snow two weeks ago, Eure says many of those accidents happened on bridges.

The DOT has 15 trucks they are using to tend to the roads.