Democratic Party Office Accused of Campaign Violations

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KINSTON - A Lenoir County State Representative candidate's committee and his party are accused of violating federal laws during their campaign.

The Lenoir County GOP is calling out the local Democratic party and District 12 candidate George Graham's campaign for placing flyers in registered voter's mailboxes without postage.

The local Republican party office in Kinston says it has received several calls and emails about the issue. Lenoir County GOP Chairman Jeff Nice calls the action "lackluster leadership".

"It gives an unfair competitive advantage to the candidate that's exploited a gap in the system" Nice said. "He is the leader of his campaign, and if he does not inform his volunteers of the proper procedures, it's a failure in leadership."

The Lenoir County Democratic party admitted receiving a phone call from the Grifton postmaster and has since apologized. Calls made to Graham were not returned.

According to campaign postage policies from the North Carolina Postmaster General, no part of a US postal mailbox may be used to deliver anything that does not have proper postage approved by the post office. This means things cannot be hung, attached or inserted in mailboxes without stamps or postage. They can however be put in the newspaper box or on the front door of a house. Violating these postage policies could result in fines of up to 300 dollars.

No official complaints have been filed against Graham with the postmaster general's office in Raleigh.

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