"Deep in the Heart of Texas"

POSTED: 12:48 PM Dec 24 2013   UPDATED: 3:18 PM Oct 24 2013
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I have been gradually laying out clothes here and there to pack for an upcoming trip. I'm going somewhere I've never been- Texas. I must say, I'm usually always up for a good adventure. 

(Pictured above: Texas Border)

Yes, I know it's the "Lone Star State." I hear things are "bigger there" (what does that even mean)? And my grandma used to sing a song from time to time called, "All My Ex's Live In Texas." That's despite the fact she probably never met anyone from the state.  

Moving on, while packing, I MUST NOT forget my dress and my shoes. I'm a bridesmaid and let me telllllll you, this ain't my first rodeo, shug.  I've got my dance flip flops, travel makeup bag, Kleenex (lots of Kleenex- those ceremonies get me every time... EVERY TIME!), a small snack, hand sanitizer. Okay, enough on the contents of my pocket book.  I think you understand. Basically, at this point, I think I'm a professional.  HA!  What was that movie, "27 dresses?"

(Pictured above: Family and friends from our most recent family wedding (Slaton-McGrath Wedding), July 2013 in Detroit. I love you, Goomadi Ayla)

Let's get to the point. Soon, I will hop on a plane and fly to El Paso, where one of my best, dearest, loveliest friends from college, Adrienne Minjarez and her fiance, Jim Walsh, are set to be married.

(Pictured above:  Adrienne Minjarez and Jim Walsh, Chicago, St. Patty's Day 2013)

As a woman in her late 20s, I've noticed a trend: EVERYONE GETS MARRIED OR IS MARRIED OR WANTS TO BE MARRIED. Most women are on the hunt for their custom-built Prince Charming. And BY GOLLY, WE WANT THAT DARN FAIRY TALE TO COME TRUE, right?  Well, here's the deal, ladies and gentleman- it DOES exist. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't. Did you hear that, Les?  

I know it exists, because I see it in Jim and Adrienne. It's tasteful. It's classic. It's romantic. It's just like the movies. How about I put it this way, it's how it should be. Jim is such a gentleman. He does things women these days call "perks." He opens doors, goes the extra mile, he treats Adrienne like a queen.  Adrienne is a lady. She's classy. She makes him smile. She protects and cherishes his heart. It's clear their love has set the world on fire.

dancing blog (Pictured above: Adrienne and Jim dancing the night away)

The best part?  They're from two different worlds.  Jim is actually from North Carolina.  He's a UNC grad from Lewisville, N.C. He works as a publication editor for the RedEye Chicago. So hip, right?

Adrienne is a St. Bonaventure University grad, (GO BONNIES) originally from El Paso. She works with the administration at Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. It's a Catholic organization that runs a group home for at-risk kids. Mercy Home provides them with education and stability. I admire her more than she knows. She's just kind, patient and good. She is soulful and always grateful.  Plus, she's an October baby too (wink).   

USE THIS ONE ANNA (Pictured above: Meghan Monahan, Adrienne and me, "Bona Bachelorette Weekend", Ellicottville, N.Y. 2013)

Going full-circle, I have loved all the weddings I've been a part of, especially the weddings with an open bar (just kidding).

But there is something extra magical this time. If anything, for me, it's hope that true-everlasting love exists. Yes,  I'm confirming I'm a sap.  No, I'm not soliciting marriage proposals.  

So from here, I pack my bags, jump on a plane, head to El Paso, and prepare to be right by Adrienne's side as she prepares to open the first chapter of her happily ever after.

USE THIS COPY (Pictured above: Adrienne & Jim)

Who knows?  Maybe I'll bump into one of my "Ex's in Texas?"  *That was for you grandma.

Until next time- Anna.