Debris Still Piling Up At Local Landfill Months After Irene

TUSCARORA - Yard debris from Hurricane Irene is still piling up at a local landfill, months after the storm, but something is being done about it.

Contractors at the Tuscarora Landfill in Craven County are turning a lot of the debris into wood chips and mulch.

We're told that the landfill received more vegetative yard debris during Hurricane Irene than any other storm in recent memory.

"Looking back over the other hurricanes, like Fran, Bertha and Floyd, the extra yard waste or vegetative debris that they created was nothing like what we saw with Irene," said Bobbi Waters, planner/outreach coordinator for the Coastal Environmental Partnership at the landfill.

The increase in the amount of debris is impressive. The landfill received a little more than 900 tons of debris between the months of August 2010 through January 2011. That number skyrocketed to more than 21,000 tons in the 5 months after Hurricane Irene.

"We're chipping up the debris for the volume. You can't just place all this stuff in an empty area. You have to have some control over it," said Waters.

The chipped up debris is being taken to an area on-site at the landfill where some of it will eventually decompose.

However, you can buy some of the chips at the landfill for about $30 a ton. If you buy more than 10 tons, then it will cost you $20 a ton.

The Tuscarora Landfill is located at 7400 Old Hwy. 70 West in New Bern.

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