Debris Still Not Picked Up From Carteret County Tornado

Neighbors Are Still Waiting

Peletier Debris Update

CARTERET COUNTY - The scenery is changing on Little Kinston Rd just outside Peletier, but one thing has remained the same.  It's the piles of debris.  LaVonne Ramsey is at her wit's end.

"It's kind of mind boggling not knowing that if another storm comes through, we have all of this debris here.  What are we going to do," said Ramsey.

Rain from recent storms collect in the piles which over time becomes a haven for mosquitoes.  We called Carteret County Manager, Russell Overman, to see what residents can do about their plea to clean up the mess.

"It's my understanding, and I confirmed this with an insurance agent, that if there's damage to a building, the removing of the materials and disposal of them would be part of their homeowners insurance coverage," said Overman.

Overman also said that not only should the homeowners insurance should take care of the debris from your home, but any debris from neighboring homes that were thrown into your yard should be covered.

"No, your insurance is not paying to haul off the debris that the tornado caused. The insurance is paying me to fix my home," said Ramsey.

As the people living in Peletier wait, the piles are getting bigger because others are piling their debris on top of what is there.

To check the facts, we called local insurance companies.  We were told it depends on the type of policy, the type of coverage and the type of home you live in.  One insurance agent recommends that if you are not covered, to get that in writing and give that to the proper officials.

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