Deadline approaching to sign up for insurance

NEW BERN - The deadline to sign up for health care is March 31 at 11:59 p.m. Anyone without healthcare by that time could face a penalty. That's not the only consequences the uninsured could face.

"Well, you can either do it or you don't in terms of this penalty," ACA guru Al Delia said. "You can still get insurance after March 31, you'll just probably not be eligible for a subsidy if you're not eligible now, and the choices you might have could me more restrictive then you have right now."

Delia ran an information session Thursday at Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern. He was answering questions from those who are weighing their healthcare options.

"Interestingly and most people don't understand or know that a large part of the population are eligible for subsidies," Delia said. "Which is help in getting premiums, the cost of the health care paid for."

According to Delia, the penalties are as follows: $95 per adult who is not insured, or 1% of total yearly income.

With just several days left, some people at the conference were feeling the pressure to make a decision. Such as Kathleen Forrest, who lost her insurance when switching jobs.

"I really now have to go back and kind of look and see what the options are," Forrest said. "I was really glad to see that prescription coverage was in there for everyone."

Forrest says she's still not sure which option she will choose, government or private healthcare, but what she learned from the conference was a big help.

To help people with signing up for affordable healthcare, navigators were trained and will work one on one with people looking for healthcare.

Access East Navigator Assistance can be found at 1-877-755-5438

For Navigators in Craven or Carteret Counties:

Shirley Johnson, 252-902-9169

Stephanie Allen, 252-637-9502

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