Days Hotel property in tax foreclosure

Days Hotel property in foreclosure

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - The property of the former Days Hotel in New Bern is in tax foreclosure.

The property's owner, Connecticut Avenue Partners, owes New Bern approximately $65,000 in back taxes and $15,000 in other costs, according to the city.

The back taxes date back to 2007, according to the city.

Connecticut Avenue Partners filed for bankruptcy in 2007; North Carolina administratively dissolved the LLC in 2012 for its failure to file required paperwork.

The city could end up owning the property after the foreclosure process.

The property is in the center of the Five Points area, which is the subject of continuing redevelopment discussions, pending a possible grant from the federal government.

Lucy Moseley-Bell, who goes to church near the property, would like to see the old hotel transformed into permanent housing.  But she's skeptical about the city's ability to make that happen, should the city assume ownership.

"It will sit empty until the city decides what they want to do with it, not necessarily what the community wants," Moseley-Bell said.

An after-hours call to the New Bern alderman whose ward includes the property, Dallas O. Blackiston, was not returned.

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