Dashcam video: Man on acid causes scene at Walmart and tasered by police

Dashcam video: Man on acid causes scene at Walmart and tasered by police

AYDEN, PITT COUNTY - A man on LSD caused a ruckus at a Pitt County Walmart, according to police.

Ayden Police said Jacob Strickland, 22, became violent when police tried to arrest him.

Officers then tased him several times to get Strickland to comply with police.

Police captured the dash cam video above of the incident Saturday outside the Walmart Express on Highway 102.

Ayden Police Chief Barry Stanley said it all started around 3:27 p.m. when witnesses called police about an irate man.

 "He admitted to the officers on the scene that he was under the influence of acid," said Stanley.

Gregory Nelson said he was at the Handy Mart in Ayden and saw the man acting strange.

"I said something is wrong with that man. I don't know what he was on but he was on something," said Nelson.

He said Strickland was yelling at customers at the store.

"This man was on somebody's vehicles and he was saying "I'm in God's corner now," said Nelson.

Nelson said he then watched Strickland run from the Handy Mart to the Walmart just down the street.

"So then a red car pulled up and he started chasing it out this way down to Walmart," he said.

Stanley said that's where police found him.

"He was non-compliant with officer's orders and was asked several times to calm down," he said.

Stanley said Strickland became violent towards officers and then they had to take action and tasered him twice after he tried to run into the store.

He said one officer was kicked in the head a couple times and another one in the chest.

"He actually mule kicked him off of him up against a produce table in Walmart," said Stanley.

Police said Strickland's LSD level were so high he is still at Vidant Medical Center.

Officers said Strickland has been charged with 3 counts of assault, 1 count of damage to property, and 1 count of resist, delay and obstruct.

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