Dash cam video of high speed chase released

Dash Cam Video of High Speed Chase Released

ASHEVILLE - News 13 has obtained a copy of dash cam video showing a daring two-county high speed chase back in August.  The video shows 62-year-old Bill Brock trying to outrun state troopers in a stolen car from Tennessee.

There are several close calls during the chase which barreled its way from Haywood County all the way to Black Mounain in Buncombe County.  At times Brock weaves in and out of traffic barely missing other cars on Interstate 40.

Troopers threw down stop sticks, which blew out two tired on the car's right side, but Brock kept going.  Officers can be heard on their police radio calling out Brock's speed at 120 miles per hour.

The chase finally ended when troopers used the PIT maneuver to spin Brock against the guardrail.  Once the car was stopped the tape shows a brief struggle as troopers dragged Brock from the car and placed him under arrest.

Brock has since pleaded guilty to various felony charges resulting from the chase, and was sentenced to prison.

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