Dancing With The Stars' Zendaya Coleman talks to NewsChannel 12

Youngest competitor in show's history is also a frontrunner

Actress Zendaya Coleman shares experience on DWTS

EASTERN CAROLINA - She's a dancing dynamo, a Disney star and a budding singer. At just 16 years old, five-foot-ten Zendaya Coleman stands tall. I had a chance to interview the teen sensation, via Skype, as she sat in her trailer on the set of Dancing With The Stars.

"I would just say thank you to everyone who's watching and voting and supporting me along this journey. It's not easy, but I'm definitely working really hard," she says. "I feel very proud of my performances. I feel like each week I've been getting better, and I've been learning more."

Zendaya says the practice sessions are grueling. She practices "every single day for...up to six hours a day. It's not easy, but it's worth it."

Her dance background includes hip hop and hula. Zendaya says the most challenging part of the competition has been learning a different routine each week. She says the Argentine Tango was difficult but turned out to be one of her best performances.

"That's all I really want is to be able to give a great performance, entertain people and inspire people with those performances and then I know I've done my job."

Some loyal fans of DWTS believe Zendaya has somewhat of an edge over the other celebrities on the show, because of her age. She's the youngest competitor. But Zendaya is also in school with a private tutor six days a week. She says it's a difficult balancing act.

"I'm not just remembering steps and choreography, but I'm remembering answers to tests and everything I just read in my textbook today, so it's a lot more."

Zendaya says she would like to win the coveted Mirror Ball, but the young star has some other goals including starring in movies and putting out a music album. Her single will be released in June.

"I just want to be that positive light for the future," she says. "I want to kind of help guide the younger kids, because the younger kids are literally the future."

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