Damage visible at hospital and community college in Morehead City

Damage visible at hospital and community college in Morehead City (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

MOREHEAD CITY, CARTERET COUNTY - Carteret General Hospital and Carteret Community College sustained damage and power outages from EF2 tornado that ripped through Carteret County.

"It was like a war scene. I mean I took my Honda and I thought ‘Oh my god, how am I going to get through here,'" Bonnie Patti said.

Patti was driving to pick up her partner in Morehead City when she said trees came crashing down in front of her.

"I mean it just happened, boom. I was not expecting it," she said.

Carteret General Hospital lost power and had to use its generator. Officials said the hospital also had debris damage but no one was injured and patient care was never an issue.

Across the street at Carteret Community College, siding was ripped off buildings and trees were uprooted from the ground.

"There were some students in our BLET building. We had one student that was hit with a blowing branch but you know wasn't hurt badly," Dr. Fran Emory said.

Emory said the Bryant Student Center took a heavy hit. The building will be closed until next year.

"It's going to be a major cleanup but in terms of continuing our instruction we anticipate being back on track Monday morning," Emory said.

For Patti, she said she is just thankful to be alive.

"I have never through any hurricane seen anything worse than what Ii saw [Tuesday] night," she said.

Crews have already started the clean-up process. No word on how long it will take to restore power to all the businesses and homes that lost it during the storm.

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