DA: Officer who tased student 'did not violate criminal laws'

Video of fight at Jacksonville HS (Warning: graphic content)

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - The District Attorney's Office has announced that a Jacksonville school resource officer who tased a student to break up a fight will not be charged.

In a statement, District Attorney Ernie Lee said the officer "exercised reasonable force in the defense of others" during the incident on Thursday, March 6 at Jacksonville High School.

Two male students were involved in the fight, which happened at about 11 a.m. in the school's courtyard. Another student used a cell phone to record the confrontation.

The video shows a school resource officer (SRO) tasing one of the students, a 15-year-old, to break up the fight. That teen was taken to a hospital and was released on the same day, officials said.

A few days after the fight, the student's family contacted theĀ  Onslow County Magistrate's Office to ask about possible charges against the SRO, Lee said. The Magistrate's Office referred the case to the District Attorney's Office, which reviewed reports and evidence from the Jacksonville Police Department.

"After reviewing the video [of the fight] frame by frame, I have determined that the officer used the EID [taser] to diffuse a potentially escalating situation that could have resulted in injury," Lee said in a statement. "...The actions of the school resource officer were not in violation of North Carolina criminal law. The school resource officer exercised reasonable force in the defense of the other student and possibly saved the other student from injury."

There was no word on whether the students involved in the fight faced punishments.

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