Crystal Coast Con brings costumes of all types

Crystal Coast Con brings out the crowds

Cape Carteret - The 2nd annual Crystal Coast Con attracted several celebrities in Cape Carteret Saturday.

Among the notable names, Michael Koske, Barry Fitzgerald, and the band Saving Abel.

Koske is a zombie for the TV series The Walking Dead. He signed autographs and talked about his experience as one of the undead.

"I think I've been close to 40 [zombies] on the show now. They'll change the make up and use different prosthetics," Koske said. "I kind of shamble along. Sometimes when they are filming at night and you can't really see our faces that well, I'll kind of close my eyes and stumble."

The event happened at Mac Daddy's Family Entertainment Center. It's a celebration of sorts for all things fantasy.

There were several behind the scenes names from Hollywood at the convention. Greyson Wolf is a make up artist who molds fake teeth. He has worked on several films and TV shows, including True Blood.

"One of the very first films I got to do was post production work on transformers. A lot of the movies I cut my teeth on, excuse the pun, went straight to DVD," Wolf said.

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