Cristobal creates great waves for Crystal Coast surfers

Cristobal creates great waves for Crystal Coast surfers

EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA - Hurricane Cristobal may be hundreds of miles out at sea, but that doesn't mean Eastern Carolina isn't feeling the impact.

There is a High Surf Advisory in effect until Thursday. The National Weather Service is predicting surf levels anywhere between 4 to 6 feet up and down the Crystal Coast Wednesday.

Surfers were out Wednesday taking advantage of what they called great surfing conditions.

Surfers we came across in Carteret County said the rougher waters made for great waves to tackle.

But parents say it raises concerns for little ones.

First responders advise people to not go deep into the water until the advisory is over. Officials say to not let the water go past your knees.

Also, make sure you are wearing life jackets if you're going out in the water. This will serve as a safety precaution, just in case a swimmer gets swept up in a rip current.

Another safety tip is to know the lifeguard schedule on beaches before heading out there.

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