Crews to start building new homes, facilities at Camp Lejeune

Crews to start building new homes, amenities at Camp Lejeune

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Workers are scheduled to begin building a school, community center, and more than 100 homes at Camp Lejeune.

The construction will be in the area of the Tarawa Terrace and Knox Landing communities. Crews are set to soon break ground to build 136 duplex homes and other amenities.

"Our service members lay down their lives and really sacrifice so much, and it's very important that we provide a great home, something that they don't have to worry about while they're deployed," said Dixie Johnson with Atlantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC).

In the next few years, a community center with a swimming pool and a 260-person elementary school will be built, said Johnson. Both will be within walking distance of the Tarawa Terrace and Knox Landing communities. The school will be built to meet the Department of Defense Education Administration's educational guidelines.

AMCC partnered with the Department of the Navy on the $78.9 million government-funded project. Although the sequester caused major military spending cuts starting in March, Johnson said this project won't be affected, since the money was set aside back in 2010.

"It's through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative that has set aside money to improve the quality of housing in areas where there's on-base housing for military service members," Johnson said.

Camp Lejeune resident Misty Wells said she is looking forward to the new homes.

"Just more updated things- you don't have to worry about lead paint and some of the issues they had with the older housing," Wells said.

AMCC officials also plan to renovate historical structures on base and add another community center in the Midway Park neighborhood. Johnson said 136 homes in the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, S.C., will be demolished because of their location to the flight lines and sound-reduction considerations.

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