Crews clean out canals before heavy rain from Isaac

Storm water management ready for heavy downpours

Crews clean out canals before heavy rain from Isaac

CRAVEN COUNTY - Cleaning out a canal is no easy job, but it eases Paula Jones' mind.

"With them cleaning out the ditch, I really feel like the problem will be resolved and everything will be a lot better than what it is now," said Jones.

Paula owns and operates A Touch of Love Daycare Home near Washington Park.  If enough debris or trash builds up in the drainage canal it can create a dam, and that used to flood her daycare before she had the building raised.

"Most of the time when it rains, and we know it's going to flood, we move everything out of the daycare and into the house so business can continue," said Jones.

Before the Storm Water Management Initiative, New Bern neighborhoods would be underwater because drainage canals would become blocked.

"Even when it's not a storm, if it rains really hard the water would fill up the yard.  The rain is good for the farmers, but I'm not welcoming it because I know what's coming," said Jones.

As crews wade through the water to clean the ditches, Paula a focus on her clients instead of her backyard.

TORI TIDBIT:  Out of the month of August, we have had only eight days without rain.

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