Crews Battle Arapahoe House Fire +1,000°F

ARAPAHOE - Seven Pamlico County fire departments responded to a raging house fire Thursday afternoon, in the middle of stifling heat and without a water source nearby.

The home at 50 Jeff Road in Arapahoe caught fire around 1:30 p.m. , with temperatures inside reaching 1,086°F.

"On top of the heat, the flames were coming out of the house," said Cpt. Jeremy Wilkinson of the Arapahoe Volunteer Fire Department. "We made the attack on it. But it was almost unbearable."

Firefighters took on the blaze wearing 80 lbs. of gear, with a rehab area set up with water and cold towels. No one was inside when the roof collapsed, and it was not immediately clear how the fire began.

The home belongs to a couple with two children - only one of the adults was home when the fire broke out. The man managed to escape before the flames consumed the home.

Crews pumped water a quarter mile to the scene from a small creek, following an emergency plan for the area already set up by Pamlico County Fire Marshal Chris Murray.

No one was treated for heat exhaustion. The property is sealed off as the investigation into the cause of the fire moves forward.

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