Craven County Schools propose schedule change

School system hopes to have all schools on same schedule

Craven County Schools Propose Schedule Change

Karrie Hanford has five children in the Craven County School system.
She's eager to see a change. The school system is pushing to change its academic schedule for all 25 schools in its district.
Under the modified calendar, school would start in the beginning of August, end in during the third week of May. Students would also get a fall break during the second week of October. But the General Assembly must first approve this proposal by March 15.
Carr Ipock, Craven County's Board of Education Chairman, says it's a change that will help all schools haev similar schedules.
"It's a more effective way if teaching," Ipock said. "Our past experience shows that because we were on a calendar similar to this many years ago. It provides for timely breaks so that the work is done and people are allowed to rejuvenate."
Another change -- teacher workdays will be the same for all schools. Teachers like Betsy Atchel, a third-grade instructor, like this.
"It is wonderful to have the opportunity to get feedback from other teachers to find out what works for them, what were their best practices for what they did, so that we actually have the time to put that into our planning and apply that when we come back," Gatchel said.
Malikah Muhammad, a parent who works full time, has two children at Oaks Road Elementary School. She says there may be one potential set back about have a fall break.
"The only thing about it is that, being that the kids are going to be out, the parents are going to have to find care for their children during that time," Muhammad said.  "That would really be the only problem with it."

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