Craven county parties for a purpose

song for meme

NEW BERN - A group from Craven County are using music and laughter to help raise funds for an Onslow County woman diagnosed with Lupus.

Five years ago Meme Simmons was diagnosed with Lupus , an autoimmune disorder that has affected her kidneys and reproductive organs. The former New York Actress says she had to cut her career short when she fell ill. Since then, she has had surgeries, several near death experiences, and even fell into a slight depression. Meme says she takes 25 different pills a day, one bottle of medication cost her $3000. In August, she was dropped from her supplement insurance, after she received a kidney transplant.  She now has to pay 20% of her medical fees.

Meme's cousin teamed up with a couple of friends in New Bern to raise money to help her with those cost.  Several  events filled with music and theatrical impromptu have been held at the Broad Street Social Club downtown New Bern. So far $1000 has been raised with in two weeks.

Look for Meme Simmons on,  if you would like to help.

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