Craven County neighbors want the city's help cleaning up tainted soil

Craven County neighbors want the city's help cleaning up tainted soil

CRAVEN COUNTY, HAVELOCK - Craven County neighbors whose homes were built on old dumping grounds are asking the city to clean up the land.

A state report said the people in the Woodhaven subdivision off Belltown Road in Havelock are living on tainted soil.

At the Havelock Commissioners meeting Monday night many residents expressed their concerns on what the city plans to do about the dump site issue.

Warren Salter said he's been digging up broken glass, car parts and metal scrap pieces since 2003.

"When we found this house it was what we wanted and I just hate that we've moved into a landfill," said Salter.

Attorney Cliff Parson said the dump site was not city owned or operated when it was open, and it's not the city's responsibility to clean it up.

"Everything we can tell about the landfill is that it was operated in the 40's and 50's, prior to the time that the city of Havelock was incorporated," said Parson.  

 He said it would be up to state and federal agencies to clean up the tainted soil.

"The city is willing to do the best it can to facilitate some of these discussions to state and federal agencies," explained Parson.

"I don't want to see them come in here scrap the soil, throw some topsoil on it and call it good," said Salter.

He said he just wants something done before things get worse.

 "Get out here and get it done. That's all I ask, I'm not looking for compensation. I just want my land fixed," he said.

 In all, 10 lots are affected by the issue.

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