Crash Kills 2 People, Leaves 2 More In The Hospital

ONSLOW COUNTY - Two people are dead, two more had to be hospitalized and one man is facing a long list of charges after a car crash in Onslow County.

Sgt. King with the NC Highway Patrol says around 12:30 Friday morning, Christopher Cash, 27, was driving a Volkswagon Jetta with four others in the car. Troopers said he was speeding down Pony Farm Road when the car went off to the right, hit a ditch and overturned. Kevin Embler, 24, and Jerry Jackson, 49, were both thrown from the car and killed. Neither were wearing their seatbelts.

Christopher Cash's fiance, Chauntelle Wann, had to be taken to Onslow Memorial Hospital. Cash's brother, Jeffrey, was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington. According to troopers, Wann was wearing a seatbelt. She suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital. Jeffrey was released from the hospital on Saturday. NewsChannel 12 spoke with Jeffrey about his injuries. He said he has no memory of the crash. He is on crutches and has a gash on his knee and stomach. Troopers believe he was not wearing a seatbelt.

Sgt. King said Cash left the scene of the crash on foot, but later called a cab to take him to the hospital to see his fiance. The cab company alerted authorities and Cash was arrested.

According to a statement given to the Highway Patrol by Wann, she said the group had just left Anytime Billiards on Old Maple Hurst Road.

Justin Willis is a friend of the driver's. He said he saw the group that night at the pool hall.

"I played pool with them a couple of times," Willis said.

Willis said he thought about leaving with them.

"They asked me to come with them that night to hang out. I'm glad I didn't go with them because I could be in this same predicament. I wish that this didn't happen," Willis said.

Sgt. King said the investigating trooper did suspect alcohol to be factor, but Cash refused a blood test. Troopers said a warrant was obtained to take a sample of Cash's blood, but the test results are not back yet.

Sgt. King said Christopher Cash is facing a long list of charges including driving while impaired, two counts of felony driving while impaired inflicting serious injury and two counts of felony death by vehicle.

He is being held in Onslow County Jail under a $154,500 bond.

*Katie Jeffries contributed to this report

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