Coyotes Come To Eastern North Carolina

The Wild Dog of the Forest Visits Local Areas

Craven County - The coyote howl can be mistaken for a dog.

"One coyote may sound like three or four so if you hear three or four together it's going to sound like 10 or 12," said licensed wildlife removal agent, Matt Potter.

The coyote is a lone creature feeding on small animals and plants.

"I've seen more coyotes in the past three years," said Bridgeton resident, Bill Gaskins. "Where we hunt, the boys here have seen a lot of them and they have shot at them."

The two coyotes he saw were crossing the road but didn't pay him much attention.

"They look at you like they're wanting to talk to you a little and then, they just go right on," said Gaskins.

Coyotes are nocturnal animals, but they can be seen around sunrise and sunset. Their howls and shrieks can be heard at night.

"With any kind of siren, you'd hear a howl but they are very skiddish animals so most people dont' know they have them," said Potter.

They move across roads and paths in the forest, and sometimes come into yards.

"As far as pets, keep them as cloase of a distance and you can," said Potter.

TORI TIDBIT: Coyotes are not pack animals. They travel alone or in pairs.

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