Couple rides horses from California to Emerald Isle

The couple's blind dog followed them the entire way.

Tim Tuggle talks about horseride across America

EMERALD ISLE, CARTERET COUNTY - A California husband and wife have spent nearly four years riding their horses across America.  Their journey ended Wednesday in Emerald Isle.

In 2010, Tim and Lynn Tuggle sold or gave away everything they owned and began their journey.  Over the last three years and nine months, the two say they have prayed for our nation and military and shared their faith with everyone they've met along the way.

Tim Tuggle says, "we relied completely on God as we crossed America, and he provided for us in ways it would take me weeks to tell you about.  But I can assure you we didn't go out without anything that we needed."

The Tuggles call themselves "Disciples of Jesus Horsemen."

You can learn more about their journey on their Facebook page found HERE.

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