Couple adopts Russian twins before ban

Couple adopts Russian twins before ban (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

Mark and Lisa Conway adopted 4-year-old twins, Alex and Alexis, from Russia.

The Winterville couple says it was a two year process and the twins just arrived to the United States on April 12.

However, the process of adoption in Russia has changed. There's a new law that bans Americans from adopting Russian children.

Lisa says it has always been a strict process and it was no different for them.

"A couple of adoption agencies wouldn't take us because we wanted twins and the one that did eventually told us that we were going to need a miracle," she said.

However, after several months of waiting she says they finally got the call.

"They said 'we have twins.' But they gave us just the medical records and those didn't look very good but in my heart I felt like these children were to be ours and so we proceeded," she said.

"It's a very difficult, a very grueling process. I think you have to be very strong spiritually but you also have to be very strong emotionally to endure that process," Mark said.  

The couple just hopes others will get to experience the joy of adopting.

"I fully believe that they will be opened back up. I have no question about that at all," Mark said.

The Conway's have two other children in the home ages: 10 and 16. They also have three adult children. The couple hopes to have another child at some point.

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