County Officials: Abandoned Housing Development Now An Illegal Shooting Range, Dump Site

Residents are concerned.

ONSLOW COUNTY - Sneads Ferry residents thought an upscale subdivision would soon border their homes. Two years later, locals are left with an illegal shooting range and dump site in their neighborhood. That's according to Onslow County Zoning and Planning Officials.

The 300-acre lot, named Alligator Bay, is located on Chadwick Acres Road, near Old Folkstone Road in Sneads Ferry.

Zoning officials say developers abandoned the project, and the plot of land, after experiencing financial problems last year. Since then, the County has received numerous complaints about firearms being discharged on the property around the clock.

Additionally, the property is being used by some as an illegal dump site.

Zoning enforcement officers say all of this violates North Carolina state
law and county ordinances.  Officers have repeatedly sent citation
letters and attempted to call the developers, but no one has responded.

Officials say the property owners are responsible for blocking off the
entrance to the development's front gate and for cleaning up the garbage.

However, it's difficult to hold a party responsible due to ongoing legal
proceedings in bankruptcy court.

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