Council To Set Standards For Sweepstakes

Council To Set Standards For Sweepstakes

GREENVILLE - Greenville City Council wants to set standards on where sweepstakes or internet cafes can be built for the betterment of the community.

Council proposes sweepstakes can not be built within a 500 foot radius of school zones, churches, day cares or residential neighborhoods.

There are 13 sweepstakes or internet cafes within the city limits, and council member Kandie Smith said almost every month someone requests to open another. Recently the Board of Adjustments denied two sweepstakes locations on the corner of 14th and 10th Streets because they would be close to churches.

"With them coming up quite frequently, they were coming up in areas right next to neighborhoods or right next to churches or schools and if that's not what we want (then) we need to take a step back and see what works best for the city," Smith said.

Smith said the council will discuss the standards for these types of businesses, but she is not certain when a vote will take place.

Council will also take into consideration the policies other municipalities have on sweepstakes in their jurisdictions. Other limitations to be considered will be the number of gaming or computer terminals or the hours of operation.

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