Council Approves Study For Parking Garage

GREENVILLE - Greenville City Council approves recent study to push forward with construction plans for a parking garage.

Twelve site locations for the project was narrowed down to two for a three to four story parking deck around the Uptown part of Greenville. The primary location is the Moseley Lot on 4th and Cotanche owner by the city and the secondary location is the Northeast Lot on 4th and Cotanche owned by East Carolina University.

Mayor Allen Thomas said both sites will be be tested to determine which is the best.

" There will be soil barrings and testing done on the lot and other environmental concerns that they take a look at in terms of whats the best choice as we move forward," Thomas said, " The convention and visitors bureau which is a four story building which is also being built a block over will connect into that. It would tie into Evans street. All the shops along there would absolutely benefit from that. "

Several business owners said their customers have complained about lack of parking and believe that added space will improve their business.

Council has already allotted 1.7 million dollars for the project. A final cost for the project has not yet been determined. 

Final construction and design plans will be sent to the council for approval in December. After approval the project is expected to be complete in about 2 years.

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