Cops Check Up On Counterfeit Cash In Surf City

SURF CITY - The Surf City Police Department is asking for the public's assistance in tracking down counterfeit bills. Asst. Chief Ron Shanahan said that there have been two reports of counterfeit money circulating in the community this month.

The first incident occurred on March 13 at the Seascape Motel located on North New River Drive. According to Shanahan, one $50 counterfeit bill and two $20 counterfeit bills were seized. As per policy, the Federal Secret Service was contacted to investigate.

The second incident occurred on March 16 at the McDonalds in Surf City; a patron tried to purchase breakfast with a counterfeit $20. Shanahan said it was determined that the patron was unaware that the money was counterfeit.

Shanahan said some counterfeit money might look genuine; however, counterfeit bills can usually be identified by touch. Shanahan is asking the public to check money when receiving change from a business.

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