Cool start to your work week

EASTERN NC - Finally the taste of fall we've been waiting for.

After being in the humid air for the last 6 weeks straight with little change, the front that swept through this past weekend has pushed that tropical air mass off the coast and allowed our first refreshing Canadian air of the fall to over wash eastern Carolina.

You walk out the door this morning and we are almost 15 degrees cooler to start than we were any day last week. The best part is that this will stick around all of this work week.

Overnight lows will remain crisp in the mid 50s with daytime highs in the low 80s. In fact this will be our coolest daytime temperatures since the middle of June!

Not only will it be cool and refreshing, but more importantly it will be dry. After all of the afternoon thunderstorms touched off along the sea breeze front due to that tropical air we had in place, we will finally get an almost entire week of rain free weather.

So open your windows turn the air conditioner off, and let Mother Nature air the house out.

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