Convicted Terrorist Sentenced in New Bern

Convicted Terrorist Sentenced in New Bern

Craven County - Convicted terrorist Daniel Patrick Boyd has been sentenced to 18 years behind bars.

Boyd, of Johnston County, previously pleaded guilty to two terrorism-related charges.

He was remorseful at his Friday sentencing at the federal courthouse in New Bern.

"I'm shamed beyond words," Boyd said.

"I dropped the ball on my responsibilities as a human being," he added.

One of Boyd's attorneys said her client knows he "let American down," but America didn't let Boyd down and instead gave him a fair trial.

Prosecutors claimed that Boyd led a group who planned a foiled attack against an American military target in Virginia. 

Boyd's sentence reflected that he cooperated with federal authorities and testified against alleged fellow terrorists.

A judge sentenced Anes Subasic, an alleged Boyd co-conspirator, earlier in the day.

Subasic had filed a list of objections 200 pages long, that gave rise to Subasic shouting at the judge and prosecutors.

The judge said Subasic was a "bully" who had a long sentence of terrorizing people, and sentenced the Bosnian man to 30 years in prison.

He was found guilty of conspiring to help terrorists.

Boyd's wife cried during the sentencing hearing and declined to comment after her husband learned he would spend nearly two decades in a federal prison.

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