Convenience store robber gets away

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY - The Carteret County Sheriff's office is investigating a Monday night armed robbery at a Beaufort convenience store on Highway 101.

Carteret County deputies say around 10:50 p.m. a person fully covered from head to toe, and armed with what authorities believe to be a handgun, robbed the Zingo Express BP.

Deputies believe the suspect is a male, and says after he got the cash he ran away on foot.

Nobody was hurt during the robbery. 

NewsChannel 12 spoke with a neighbor who lives across the street from where all the commotion happened.

"I normally feel safe around here but when stuff like that happens it kind of scares me you know," said Hannah Mason. "Because it's so close to our house and they
could come to our house and do anything."

Authorities say if you know anything regarding the robbery, call Carteret County Crime Stoppers or contact the Sheriff's Office. 

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