Connie Elks retires after 30 years of serving Greenville community

Connie Elks retires after 30 years of serving Greenville community (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE - The Corporal Detective in the major crimes unit has been working for the Greenville Police Department since 1982.

Her days as a detective may be over, but Mrs. Elks said Friday she has a new title now that she's excited about.

"Retired Citizen. That's my new title today as of 5 o'clock," she said

NewsChannel 12 sat down with Elks as she reflected on her 30-year career as a police officer with the GPD.

"It has been rewarding to actually go through these files and close them up. Um, because I am feeling like I made a difference. I reached this milestone and I'm very very excited," Elks said.

Before she started working for the department in 1982, Elks was working as a dispatcher. She said she will never forget when her boss had approached her and suggested she become a police officer. She said after discussing it with her husband, Sheriff Neil Elks, she decided to go for it. Elks said her goal when she started as an officer was to one day become a detective.

"[If you looked back at] all the forms I filled out that said what do you want to do? I said 'I want to be a major crimes detective' and that's what I do. That was always my desire. Nothing further. Nothing less. And so I've completed it," Elks said.

Elks said when she started at the department she was one of the only female officers in the field. She said she feels like she paved the way for other female officers, forcing the department to deal with issues they never had to think about before.

"As far as I know I was the first female pregnant police officer at Greenville Police Department that was actually on the force actually working patrol," she said.

She recalls the moment she went into her bosses office to tell him the news.

"I said 'I need to talk with you' and he said 'What's wrong?' Cuz' he saw that I was having this terror on my face. And I said 'I'm pregnant and I don't know what to do.' I said 'Are y'all going to fire me?' and he said 'Uh, uh, uh, no. But we're going to find something for you to do,'" she said.

Now as she seals up the last of her boxes in her office on Friday, Connie said she can look back and feel proud of her accomplishments and look forward to the next step.

"This isn't a death certificate retirement. It's a birth certificate. So, now I go on to do something else," she said.

Family and friends honored Mrs. Elks at Winslow's Restaurant in downtown Greenville Friday afternoon.

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