Community unites to fight violence

Julian Marsh has been the Housing Authority Director for the city of New Bern for a month now. Within that time, there have been three shootings to happen under his authority.

The most recent happened last Friday in the heart of Craven Terrace. A make shift memorial the place in a parking spot on where 54 year old Gregory Brimmage's body was found in his car. A week before that a man was shot about a quarter mile away on Queen Street near The After Party night club. In early September Dorcas Berry barely dodged a bullet when 2 entered her home on Fleet Street in Trent Court, all three are within the public housing territory.

Marsh calls the violence unacceptable and is ready to put his foot down.

"Were going to be very aggressive in rooting out some of these criminal activities that's occurring in our public housing," said Marsh.

Plans for a community meeting this Thursday are underway. City officials and local law enforcement have been invited to help residents find a solution. One that's in the works are reinforcing rules and evicting those who are in violation.

"Do I think it's going to eliminate the problems no, do I think its going to have an impact on problems, yes," Marsh said.

According to the New Bern Police Department, there have been 35 reports of shootings in the past year, 25 of those were reported over the last 6 months. Police say out of 100 reported fights they have responded to 71 in the last 6 months.

Funeral arrangements for Brimmage are scheduled for Saturday

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