Community helps couple escape from fire that destroys home

Community helps couple escape from fire that destroys home

PLYMOUTH, WASHINGTON COUNTY - Community members helped an elderly couple escape from a fire that destroyed their Washington County home.

The fire broke out at 2650 Highway 64 West in Plymouth Monday afternoon, according to Fire Chief Joey Thompson. The woman who was living in the home uses a motorized chair, while her husband uses a cane.

A neighbor two houses down saw smoke at the home, called 911, and went over to help get the elderly couple out, Thompson said. Another man who was driving past the home noticed the smoke and stopped to help. The smoke was so thick that the couple could not see beyond it.

No one was injured, Thompson added. The home is a total loss. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

After the couple was out the home safely, the couple says neighbors came over to assist them and to make sure they were all right.

The couple lived in that home for 51 years. They are happy to make it out alive.

"It's just stuff and I love the Lord," homeowner Dorothy Bennett said. "Anything he takes away he gives back better. There are a lot of things I would've liked to have out of there but it's just stuff."

The family is staying with a family member until they figure out what their next move will be.

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