Less than a mile away from where Governor Pat McCrory went to look at storm damage two weeks ago sits a nearby community that went untouched. People living off of Wichards Beach Road at the Twin Lakes RV Resort and Yacht Basin raised money to help tornado victims get back on their feet.

Fundraiser organizer Amy Schulz said they thought a BBQ fundraiser would do the trick.

“It’s been organized chaos," Schulz said.

Schulz said the idea started from having one pig to serving six pigs. In less than three hours, the group sold about 1,100 plates.

"100 percent of this is donated. 100 percent of this will go to the victims of this tornado," Schulz said.

Proceeds could help victims like Avery Napier and her father Phillip Bryant. Their home was damaged in the tornado.

“The entire neighborhood of people just showed up at my house and just started helping clean up rubble,” Bryant said.

The two went inside their home minutes before a tornado in Beaufort County hit. They had just moved into the home 7 days before. Bryant said the tornado destroyed his car moments after they left.

“I need hand controls. So, I just can't to and drive anybody's car,” Bryant said.

Bryant was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident in 2011.

Saturday’s fundraiser collected money for the single father’s new car, along with fulfilling needs of other tornado victims.