Community fixes pothole ridden road in memory of a child's death

Community fixes pothole ridden road in memory of a child's death

BEAUFORT, CARTERET COUNTY - A community comes together to fix a street full of pot holes and loose gravel. Residents of Bell Creek Drive in Beaufort said they are also paving this road in memory of an 11-year-old who was hit and killed by a car at a bus stop in 2010.

Sandy Faircloth helped organize the event.  He said they've wanted to fix this road for years, but since they live on a private road the Department of Transportation won't help with the maintenance.

So, these residents and others who don't even live on this street are taking matters into their own hands.

For resident Lynn Donald fixing this road hits a little deeper.

"The kids bus stop was up at Hwy 101 on the corner. The school was picking up the kids down there," Donald said.

Donald said 11-year-old Antonio Johnson had been waiting at that bus stop when a car hit and killed him in November of 2010.

She said since then the bus comes down Bell Creek drive, but she worries with all these pot holes the bus stop might move back to Hwy 101.

"We've tried other ways to fill it in with rocks and different types of stuff," Donald said.

Faircloth said this time they're using a type of asphalt called QBR, which is same kind the Department of Transportation uses.

More than fifty community members lined the entire road helping to pave it. Faircloth said more than half of the volunteers didn't even live on the street. A lot, of volunteers came from One Harbor Church in Beaufort to help.

"It almost brings tears to my eyes, because it's hard to see stuff like this in this day and time," Faircloth said.

Faircloth said 94,000 pounds of asphalt was donated for the project in hopes to make a more permanent solution for this road.

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