Community Donates Instruments To School Band

Students Get Opportunity to Discover Music

AURORA - In 2008, it was the day the music died at S.W. Snowden Elementary School. The campus remained silent until Jenna Sapp turned up the volume.

The band wouldn't have gotten started if it wasn't for a grant that helps after-school programs such as band. As a requirement, students have got to their homework before band.

More students wanted to play than there were instruments. Ms. Sapp sent out a call for help.

"People just aren't playing their old instruments which is fine for me. I'll fix them up. If they're willing to donate, I'm willing to fix," said Sapp.

Now student like Jakya Moore get to play.

"I wanted to be in band, but Ms Sapp didn't have any instruments for me to play. Then she got one and I am able to play the saxophone," said Moore.

So far more than 10 students play donated instruments.

"Last year I only had 8 students in band, and this year I have 23 students in band. It's all due to the generosity of other people," said Sapp.

The instruments open doors for Danasia Cratch.

"You'll experience stuff that you haven't experienced before," said Cratch.

More students are on the way.

"There's 4th graders coming that are going to want to be in band, and I need instruments for them," said Sapp.

Give the gift of music to a child.

TORI TIDBIT: If you have an instrument collecting dust, you may drop it off at Fuller's Music in New Bern or you can contact S.W. Snowden Elementary School for more information.

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