Cold Temperatures In North Carolina

It's colder in Eastern North Carolina than Maine.

Craven County - The upper fifties is the normal temperature this time of year. Eastern North Carolina cannot seem to get out of the thirties. Winds out of the North-Northwest up to 25 mph and gusting up to 30 mph makes it feel like the upper teens.

The strong winds have exopsed the Neuse River bottom pushing water away from the banks. Mike Potrikus walked along the riverwalk and said, "I heard that the Neuse River was low and I wanted to see just what it looked like. It's quite a scene."

The cold makes it feel like Christmas, but winter does not start for a few more days. We all walk a little faster, and we don't look quite as cheery when we have to brave the elements. Rebecca was out shopping and said, "The cold is ridiculous. I'm so cold, and Norman, my puppy, is so cold, too. I had to get him a sweater."

Lawson Creek Park showed signs of below freezing temperatures. Overwash froze to the road. Maybe winter will be warmer than our fall this year. br/>br/>

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