Cold hard truth about surviving bitter winter weather

Cold hard truth about surviving bitter winter weather

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - These bone chilling temperatures we've been experiencing lately is something we're not used to in Eastern Carolina. Braving the ice, wind and snow can be dangerous, especially if you are not dressed properly.

"30 min in this kind of weather with expose skin, you're talking frostbite," NewsChannel 12's Chief Meteorologist Skip Waters said.

He said with temperatures like this you have to protect yourself.

"Expose skin on your face, hands and feet, and one of the ways you can achieve keeping your body temperature above 95 degrees is dressing in layers," Waters said.

Experts said up to 60 percent of your body's heat can escape from an uncovered head. They said  wearing a hat, helmet, anything to cover it is essential when it's cold.

Owner of Surf Wind and Fire in New Bern Danny Batten said, using a three-layer guide will provide the best insulation and retain body heat.

"There should be a next to the skin piece, preferably synthetic or maybe made of lightweight wool or silk, but this needs be fitted," He explained.     

Batten said to stay away from cotton because it will lose insulation and hold moisture.

"Your next layer should include a little bit of volume to it. Something maybe like a wool sweater, a polyester fleece, and that's actually going to be your insulation layer and does a lot to keep you warm," he said.

Batten said if it's not breathable material the moisture will be kept inside your clothes, making you cold and wet.

"The third layer is going to be your outer layer. It's has to be waterproof, windproof, but also has to be breathable because as it pulls that moisture off your body and hits this outer layer, it's has to move on outside," he explained.

Experts said the warmest winter coat is a down coat, and the longer the better. Also, choose mittens instead of gloves because fingers stay warmer when next to each other.

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