Coast Guard on patrol for Memorial Day

NC waterways are packed with boaters

POSTED: 4:47 PM May 27 2013   UPDATED: 6:04 PM May 27 2013
Coast Guard on patrol for Memorial Day

The United States Coast Guard at Ft. Macon makes its rounds to assure those out on the water do not waiver by putting others in danger. 

"We're looking for people that have their children on the bow of the boat.  People that are speeding through wake zones or driving their boat erratically," said Petty Officer Gallo.

Not only are they looking after boaters, but they are keeping the waterways free of debris.  A day marker was knocked over by a fishing vessel earlier Monday morning.

"When things like this happen, and it does on occasion, we come out and remove the debris from the water," said PO Gallo.

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off boating season. The USGS makes its presence known to other boaters.  They hope it will remind the water enthusiasts to act appropriately and safely.

"Being out here on the water and letting the public see us might make someone decide to allow the sober person in the group drive their vessel," said PO Gallo.

Gallo recommends that you practice safe boating whether it's a holiday or not.

"Be safe out on the water.  Pay attention to what you are doing.  It can get dangerous out there real quick," said Gallo.