Coast Guard On Heavy Patrol For Holiday Weekend

It's National Safe Boating Week

CARTERET COUNTY - The Memorial Day Weekend means fun, sun and boating. For the Coast Guard at Fort Macon, it's three days of heavy patrol.

Petty Officer Joshua Horne said preparation starts before getting on the water.

"Be prepared prior to getting underway. Know the weather, purchase a global positioning device and check your radios," Horne said.

With more boats being on the water, it means less room for speed.

"It is suggested to slow down and look for other vessels. If you see a vessel drifting and fishing, be courteous," said Horne.

Some families will pile into their boats, but for safety reasons, the Coast Guard will be looking for overloaded watercraft.

"You can tell the size of the vessel and how it's riding in the water whether it's overloaded or not," said Horne.

The driver of the boat cannot be overloaded or loaded at all. There are hefty penalties for boating under the influence.

"You can get fines," Horne said. "You can expect loss of boating license or even jail time."

Petty Officer Horne says, a sober driver and slowing down will equal a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

TORI TIDBIT: The Coast Guard will be looking at all water vessels, including kayaks.

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