Civil War ship crewmen buried 150 years later

U.S.S. Monitor sank off Cape Hatteras

0308 USS Monitor burial

ARLINGTON, VA - The famous Civil War ship, the U.S.S. Monitor, sank off the North Carolina coast more than 150 years ago. On Friday, two crew members of that ship were finally laid to rest.

The two unidentified Union crewmen, found in the ship's ironclad turret, were buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia today.Their ship, the U.S.S. Monitor, fought the Confederate C.S.S. Virginia on March 9, 1862. That battle, the first ever fought between two ironclad ships, was a draw.

But the Monitor sank about nine months later off Cape Hatteras because of rough seas, killing 16 sailors.

The ship's turret was raised from the ocean floor in 2002, and the skeletons of the two crew members, buried Friday, were found inside. But researchers were not able to use DNA to identify the men.

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