City of New Bern seeks sewer grant

City of New Bern seeks sewer grant

NEW BERN, CRAVEN COUNTY - The City of New Bern hopes to receive a grant of up to $3 million to replace several old sewer lines. After two public hearings, the Board of Aldermen agreed last Tuesday night to submit the application.

NewsChannel 12 spoke with a family who knows all too well what it's like to deal with sewer problems.

The Jones family said in 2011 their plumbing system backed up into their home.

"We heard the gurgling and the bubbling in the downstairs toilets," homeowner Sherry Jones said. She said and just one year it happened again.

"My husband was walking the dog and when he came in that's when he discovered it happened a second time. It was an inch and an a half to two inches deep," Jones explained.

She said they took their concerns to the city and the family won a lawsuit against the city and were awarded $124,740 for damages caused to their home.

"Basically we had to move out of our home for two and a half months and have our downstairs completely redone," Jones said.

The Jones family hopes it doesn't happen a third time and with the potential grant to fix old sewer lines, that may be the case.

City leaders said it's the area around First Avenue, Second Avenue, Cedar Street and Chapman Street that need the most work.

City officials tell NewsChannel 12 the grant they are applying for has nothing*to do with the lawsuit between the Jones family. City leaders said they saw an opportunity to make something better and decided to take it.

The deadline for the grant application is May 1st.

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