City of Havelock to repair worn roads

City of Havelock plans road repairs

Havelock - The City of Havelock has set aside about $450,000 for road repair to several cracked and worn down roads.

City officials said there is an array of road damage to roads in the city. They plan to resurface, patch, and fix drainage issues along the roads.

People who live in the city said the water gets so bad along the roads and in ditches, canoes can be seen after a major rain event.

However, it's not all fun, the rain gets under the road and ruins its support.

"Every time we have a rain it washes out concrete," Carla Reaves said. Reaves has lived on McCotter Boulevard for 12 years. "It's not their fault, but it needs [something] permanent."

Since July 1st, Havelock hasĀ  received 31 inches of rainfall. That's according to people with the city's public works department.

The infrastructure improvements will hopefully protect the roads from water damage.

Patches will be put over potholes. The worst of the roads, such as Webb Boulevard, will be completely resurfaced.

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