City leaders hope to give Town Common park a makeover

City leaders hope to give Town Common park a makeover (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

GREENVILLE - City of Greenville leaders released a conceptual drawing of a plan to transform their downtown riverfront area into a vibrant and thriving development.

The proposed project plans to makeover Town Common park on 1st Street were originally drawn up in 2010. City leaders believe it would cost between $13-15 million dollars to complete the revitalization of the park. According to City Manager Barbara Lipscomb, that's money the city simply doesn't have.

Over the weekend, city leaders came together for their annual planning session to discuss the proposed project that would bring shopping, dining and recreation attractions, including a BMX Hall of Fame, to the Town Common park area. Officials also hope to put in a housing development at the corner of 1st Street and Greene Street.

Lipscomb said their plan is to get new businesses in the areas surrounding the park so they can attract more people to the area. Then, they can use the money from leasing the land to those new businesses to pay for the new and improved park.

Lipscomb said currently the Town Common area isn't a place people use a lot.

"It is used a little bit for events during the summer but generally speaking the park is not used very much by the community," she said.

However, Neal Carr said he would visit the area more often if they had a BMX Hall of Fame.

"A BMX museum would be awesome cuz' Greenville is known for its sports town and that's excellent. That's a good idea," Carr said.

Council members plan to discuss this project at their meeting on Feb. 11. Lipscomb said if they move forward with the project, some of the ideas could become a reality in as little as 5 years.

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